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Four girls are trying to plan their class's Halloween party, but they're out of ideas until they remember the rumor going around about the school being haunted. The girls decided to figure out how the rumor came to be for their party, and search the school after hours for any clues. They soon find out that there's a mystery behind the rumor, and it's up to them to solve it before the night's over!


Main Character

The main character of the story. She can either decide on what gets done, or sit back to let the girls decide on what to do during this mystery.


Karla mostly looks to the logical side of things, so she doesn't have a good grasp of making decisions on both fact and her emotions, as she normally focuses solely on one or the other.


Ava is an all around talented person, but doesn't always see it. She's also a very curious person who wants to try her best.


Cynthia isn't too interested in searching the school and she isn't too trusting of the situation. When she's more comfortable, she can be a very supportive person.


-Customizable Main Character name
-3 Romance Options with a possible 4th
-7 Endings, with a possible 8th and 9th
-Each romance option has a Romantic Route and Platonic Route


Writer, Programmer: mononami
Main Artist(Character Design/Sprites, GUI, Logo): pinkllama

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Release date Nov 01, 2016
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsFemale Protagonist, Halloween, Mystery, renpy, Romance, Yuri, yuri-game-jam-2016

Install instructions

The ZIP is named by the game title, but the actual file for the game and it's files are named "Yuri Game Jam 2016"! (Version 1.2 should have the bugs with sprites, fixed. There won't be anymore updates for the game like the 4th girl's route or the extras page, so I apologize.)


HauntedHeartsMystery-1.2-all.zip 48 MB


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Hi I just downloaded and played the game and I wanted to ask why does the 'extra' section not work? Like I click it and it doesn't go into that...is a glitch or is it not updated yet?

It's really nice game. I like it

Plot is very interesting. Each girl has here own route and endings. Game is full of meaningful choices. I replayed it few times to get all the romantic endings :)

Artstyle is good. Sprits are great and backgrounds are nice. Cgs are nice, too. But you should add some music and sounds. 

Ava is my favourite. Very optimistic and nice person. I like other girls too. Karla is really full of passion and serious type, while Cynthia is quiet, a bit pessimistic outsider. MC can be mix of this traits (depends of player choices) ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


I played this game and did a bit of a review of it. I forgot to post this right after I uploaded it so you will notice it has been up for a couple weeks. I hope you enjoy my play through of it!I was not as energetic as I can be so I apologize for that but I recorded this right after a game that took a bit of patience and energy out of me before playing this. 

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When I try to extract a game it says files Icon and Game/Icon cannot be extracted (Tried downloading again still the same), the game is still playable but it doesn't have any sound also after a bit in game I get this error:

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:
File "game/avaRoute.rpy", line 250, in script
show a big surprise at left
Exception: Showing 'a big surprise' is ambiguous, possible images include: a surprise big, a surprise big, a surprise big

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:
File "game/avaRoute.rpy", line 250, in script
show a big surprise at left
File "C:\Users\Vuk\Desktop\yuri-game-jam-2016-1.0-all\renpy\ast.py", line 1061, in execute
show_imspec(self.imspec, atl=getattr(self, "atl", None))
File "C:\Users\Vuk\Desktop\yuri-game-jam-2016-1.0-all\renpy\ast.py", line 1033, in show_imspec
File "C:\Users\Vuk\Desktop\yuri-game-jam-2016-1.0-all\renpy\exports.py", line 536, in show
new_what = renpy.game.context().images.apply_attributes(layer, key, name)
File "C:\Users\Vuk\Desktop\yuri-game-jam-2016-1.0-all\renpy\display\image.py", line 530, in apply_attributes
return self.choose_image(nametag, required, optional, name)
File "C:\Users\Vuk\Desktop\yuri-game-jam-2016-1.0-all\renpy\display\image.py", line 580, in choose_image
raise Exception("Showing '" + " ".join(exception_name) + "' is ambiguous, possible images include: " + ", ".join(" ".join(i) for i in matches))
Exception: Showing 'a big surprise' is ambiguous, possible images include: a surprise big, a surprise big, a surprise big

Haunted Heart's Mystery 1.1

It is possible to chouse to ignore it and to continue reading.

Also the extra options in menu doesn't work and I am not sure if this is a bug too when I get someone's romantic ending the Girl whose ending I got appears in a menu but when I get other girls romantic ending after that she disapires from menu and the girl who's ending I got after that appears in her place and no meter what I can't get a 4th girls ending (as there are 4 shadows in menu).


As for my opinion on the game itself, I thought that girls are very cute and it was a very interesting plot but unfortunately it really felt to me like I am just reading a short summary of a whole game rather then a game itself as everything happens way too fast.


Update: I remembered that there were a few things that would mess up the game such as one of the sprites and the choices affected how the endings would turn out, so I fixed it and a new file is uploaded with the fixes!